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In the Name of Your Death

In the Name of Your Death Manga

Alternative: 그대 사자의 이름으로
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Author(s): 흰울타리 / 두니피그
Artist(s): 흰울타리 / 두니피그
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Manhwa, Romance, Webtoons,
Status: Ongoing
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In the Name of Your Death Content

Read manhwa In the Name of Your Death / 그대 사자의 이름으로 Summary: Yvonne, the blessed sorcerer, Eilech’s only dragon I left my lover for just one wish. ‘Be beautiful and be the king.’ I didn’t know then that it was the wrong choice. The lover’s death was the result of her choice. ‘It can’t be.’ The world without him was a night without light, a day without night. She put herself down without regret. The body of a strange woman named Noi Kalinger, never to wake up again……. “What happened?’ The world she woke up to was not the same as before. Abnormalities that occur everywhere, people who forget the past, dragons who have left, lovers who have come back who have forgotten everything. “……why do you look at me like that?” “How do you see it?” “Like someone who knows me well.” And the prophecy before her. 「Don’t love. You will destroy him. As it has been.」

In the Name of Your Death chapters

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