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Crown Prince’s Marriage Proposal

Crown Prince’s Marriage Proposal Manga

Alternative: The Crown Prince's Proposal / 皇太子的求婚 / 왕세자의 프러포즈
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Genre: Adaptation, Drama, Manhwa, Romance,
Status: Ongoing
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Crown Prince’s Marriage Proposal Content

Read manhwa Crown Prince’s Marriage Proposal / The Crown Prince’s Proposal / 皇太子的求婚 / 왕세자의 프러포즈 In an alternate reality, the Republic of Korea is a constitutional monarchy ruled by the royal family of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-). One day, the shocking announcement is made that the Crown Prince has suddenly died, and the identity of the next in line to the throne is shrouded in mystery. The new Crown Prince is unmarried but expected to attend his coronation ceremony with his significant other, but instead of the beautiful entertainer and daughter of a powerful CEO with whom he was romantically linked, the prince again shocks the nation with a profession of love for another – but who can it be? A plucky, savvy, young reporter Leejin Choi vows to get to the bottom of the story finds that she is strangely connected to the prince.

Crown Prince’s Marriage Proposal chapters

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