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Kizu Darake No Jinsei

Kizu Darake No Jinsei Manga

Alternative: Kizudarake no Jinsei,ยินเซ คนดุหัวใจบริสุทธิ์,傷だらけの仁清
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Author(s): Tetsuya Saruwatari
Genre: Action, Drama, Mature, Seinen, Slice of life, Tragedy,
Status: Ongoing
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Nagai Jinsei, aka "Bare-Knuckles Jinsei". Born in a dumpster, raised in an orphanage, living as a yakuza, he is tough enough that he fights all his fights bare-handed, and is covered with countless knife and bullet scars from his battles. But his life changes when he saves the five-year-old Ayumi, daughter of the new police chief, Enjoji Masayoshi, and befriends their family. For the first time in his life, Jinsei feels like he's found a family of his own, and decides to start his life over, but his past and his ties to the yakuza keep getting in the way.c 

Kizu Darake No Jinsei chapters

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